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Romanian summer holiday

Back to the roots... childhood is bliss! Pure joy!

The Peanut exploring the grandparent's garden...

... and eating berries with daddy in the forest around...

Exploring the plants...

... and the doormat :-D

... and whatever he could find around the cottage by the lake...

... tasting an onion :)

... but the hot pepper was the most interesting :-D

Somebody liked the classics! :)

When you find a truck on the way you gotta ride it! :-D

... and a driver was born!

Yeah baby! Peanut had a piggy back ride in style! :)

... and a car ride on the world no 1 road!

... epic nap on the way to the waterfall!

Exploring the fairy castle!

... and a medieval one...

... a little bit of sightseeing in Sibiu

Having fun with his favourite aunt!

... and exploring the new glass bridge in the old town of Alba Iulia!

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